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Lawrence and Josephine C. Wilkinson Gallery  Manhattan New York August 2017

Burnal Equinox     San Francisco CA May 2016

Randy Higman Gallery     Orange County CA January 2016

Phillis Harriman Mason Gallery    Manhattan, New York January 2015

Counter Culture Gallery     San Francisco CA March 2014

Neologian Gallery     San Mateo CA Sept 2014

Neologian Gallery      San Mateo CA Oct 2014

Salon Nuit     San Francisco CA October 13, 2013

Inferno Gallery     Oakland CA Dec 2013

Driftwood Art Salon     San Francisco CA November 2013

Inferno Gallery      Oakland CA Dec 2013



City College of San Francisco   Associate of the Arts degree  2010

Art Students League full time study with Michael Grimaldi and Dan Thompson  2011

Intensive Artistic Anatomy and Cadaver Studies   Janus Collaborative and Drexel Medical School 2012

Safe House Atelier full time study 2014

Artist Residency New York Academy of Art 2017

University of California Santa Cruz study with Noah Buchanan Bachelor of the Arts degree 2018



Studio Bridget Star : Art Lessons 2016-present

Studio Bridget Star: Art Sales 2012-present

Neologian Gallery Long Pose Figure Drawing instructor 2015

Sadie Valeri Atelier Youth Drawing Instructor 2014

 full time sign artist and muralist 2009-2011




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