Bridget Star Harrison

Bridget Star Harrison has studied academic drawing and painting extensively. Her skillful paintings express keen observation and understanding visual perception. 
Bridget has studied with many leading contemporary Realists, including Michael Grimaldi, Andrew Ameral and Dan Thompson.  In 2006-2010 she worked for Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier in San Carlos CA hosting figure drawing sessions, modeling, and assisting with workshops taught by guest artists flown in from the East coast and abroad. In 2011 she moved to New York City to study full time with Michael Grimaldi, the anatomist Franc Porcu, and Dan Thompson. While in New York she completed Advanced Art Anatomy through Janus Collaborative, which included study of the cadaver at various levels of dissection. In 2012 she began teaching academic drawing to dedicated art students ages 12-18 at Sadie Valeri Atelier in San Francisco. She also continued her full time art study at Safehouse Atelier, a school that integrated classical art technique with digital illustration and concept art for video games. During that time she worked as an intern for Massive Black. She continued teaching figure drawing to mature artists through Neologian Gallery. Currently she teaches private and semi-private lessons to artists wishing to improve their observational skills through traditional drawing and painting methods. 
Bridget has shown her oil paintings at numerous galleries and events including Salon Nuit, and CounterCulture Gallery in California. In 2015 her painting "Alizarin Shadow" won honorable mention at a juried exhibition at the Phillis Harriman Mason Gallery in Manhattan New York.
Bridget is available for lessons and commissions, as well as fine art sales.